Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bumrolls and Corsets and Petticoats Oh My!

Well my summer job has kicked in. For the past 4 or 5 years (I can't remember which) I have had the privilege of working for the Music Academy of the West as the costumer for the vocal dept (opera). Working in a very creative environment is a lot of fun. I also get to meet and work with some fabulous people.

Last year we did an opera set in the 1970's. We're talking tuxedo shirts with ruffles... reminded me of my senior prom. This year we're doing Mignon set in the mid 1700. Now we're talking bum rolls, corsets & petticoats. And actually ruffles for the guys again!

There are so many aspects that need to come together for the performance to happen. Just in the costume dept we have almost 50 cast members to costume. And 36 of them have 2 costumes. Never mind the music and orchestra and lights and sets and crew!!! whew.

The designer and I have run to The Theater Company in Upland, downtown LA to the fabric district and to Chapman College in Orange County to rent costumes. We still have to hit Western Costume in North Hollywood. That place is really cool because the costumes are from the old old movies. I get nostalgic when I go there. I think I might see Scarlet O'Hara's green drape dress! We are trying to find costumes to match the designer's vision and fit the bodies of the singers. I have a shout out to my friends at the Salt Lake City Opera to see what they have in stock. Then at the end after all the singing is finished, I get to remember where everything came from!
With all of this coordinating I truly appreciate a day off. And this weekend because of the holiday I get a break. I was able to get over to the ceramic studio yesterday to play with clay while my clay buddies fired up the raku kiln. Next time I'll have something to put in the firing. Raku is an awesome experience and the results are beautiful.

Today was another good day full of fun, fellowship, and the Santa Maria Kennel dog show! As my day comes to a close my friend Christian gave me a sparkler he found on the beach. And I thought how fabulous is that!

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