Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bluebird #11

When I am working in Santa Barbara especially in the summertime I like to take the Seacliff exit on my way home. It’s just past Mussel Shoals & La Conchita. This road is actually part of Highway 1: Pacific Coast Highway. It travels right along the ocean’s edge. The road takes you through Faria & Solimar Beach and ends at Emma Wood State Beach. I call it the road less traveled because everyone is speeding down the freeway in traffic... and I'm not.

I love it. I roll all the windows down so I get the fresh sea air. If I am really not in a hurry to get home I will park next to the sea wall and watch the waves. Many times I see dolphins playing just off shore along here. I actually saw two jump straight out of the water like a Sea World trick! I see the pelicans fly high in formation or really low to the water, just grazing the waves.

Actually it doesn’t have to be summertime for me to take this path. I like going here in the winter too. It is just a really nice place to hangout and watch the ocean. Be quiet. Journal or meditate. This little stretch of road gives me a lot of pleasure whether I’m moving through or sitting still.

Bluebird #11 landed here this afternoon on my way to visit my aunt & uncle in Montecito. It is perched on a rock just north of Emma Wood with a great view of the islands.

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