Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bluebird #31!

Well I did it. I made 31 bluebirds, I placed them around town and I wrote about it everyday this month. It feels good to complete something even though I am melancholy that it is done.

Has this project made a difference? I believe that if this project kept me pointed in a positive direction then the people who followed and read the blog did too. Otherwise I don’t think they would have followed it.

It was said to me this month that hope was like the waves in the ocean… the waves that hit the shore gain momentum by many waves joining together: like energies attracting like. And I understood. The more we feel hopeful and positive, the people around us feel hopeful and positive.

Today I decided to take #31 back to where it started- to Surfers Point. Walking along the bike path I passed the labyrinth where I placed Bluebird #1. Thoughts of walking the circular path came back to me and the anticipation of the project. I kept going following my intuition. I thought of the huge cement circular wall past the river mouth. As I came to where Ventura River flows into the ocean there was a little bridge to cross the stream. It was built out of rocks and tree branches. There were a couple of tall sticks beside the bridge with shells decorating them. Bluebird #31 landed a top one of the sticks.

It seemed like a good idea to bring the project full circle. It also occurred to me that the stream of water was like the hope that we gathered and carried through this month. And the stream meeting the huge ocean was the Hope gathering momentum.

Happy New Year! Let 2012 be filled with hope, happiness and prosperity!


  1. Awesome. As a new resident to downtown Ventura, I'm happy to see these types of creative expression. Thank you for your work. Looking forward to running into some of your birds soon.

  2. I'm wondering how many bluebirds made their way home and how many remained as placed.