Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bluebird #4

Every morning I wake with Noodle, my cat curled up next to me. She has been with me for 11 years now. She was my transition cat. Some of you have known me long enough to know I had a previous cat, Livingston aka Stoney, aka Piggly-Wiggly, aka Wiggy aka The Mighty Wig. He was a marmalade tabby with green eyes and lived for 20 years.

When he was about 17-18 years old I started to worry about when he would pass on and leave me. He would be sleeping, a lot as older cats do, and I would think he wasn’t breathing so I would poke him to see if he was dead. He wasn’t and would roll over and go back to sleep. A friend gave Noodle to me when she was a wee little tike. Her name at the time was Sooty… her name has morphed to Noodle (another story).

Back to Wig- Well Wig lived another 2 years. He became playful again and they would groom each other & sleep together on the chair or bed. It was really wonderful to watch. Finally it was Wiggy’s time and he passed on.

So Ms. Noodle has been my solo feline companion for 9 years. She is a very good friend. She sticks by me through thick & thin. She follows me around the house. Sits close by while I work- which she is doing right now. Even when I let her out in the morning to sniff around she only goes out for a short time and she’s right back checking up on me. Some would call this co-dependent. I call it true blue.

Noodle gives me a lot of hope. She keeps me going and helps me adjust my attitude. And so did Wig. I have been blessed with 2 very good kitties.

So today Bluebird #4 landed in front of Cats Cradle Rescue on 4160 Market Street in tribute to our well loved pets. I wanted to bring some hope to these little animals that need homes. Animals have a very important role in our world. They contribute love, hope & joy to our planet.

Cats Cradle is an all volunteer non-profit organization that rescues unwanted & abandoned cats. They have a thrift store on site to help support their cause. I stepped inside to see the cats. It was fun playing with the little kittens. I could tell that all the cats were well taken care of & loved by the staff.

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  1. Love your bluebirds. Noodles is precious too.