Monday, December 5, 2011

Bluebird #5

This is quite a challenge I set for myself… everyday write about hope. Mmmm so today… hope. Okay I’m going to talk about music.

I think most people will agree that music is inspirational and can bring hope to our day. Most of the time we are listening to recorded music on the radio, iPod, CD, whatever but it’s not live. That works but being in the presence of live music is a whole different realm of experience.

If you haven’t been to a live performance lately I suggest you go to one sooner than later. What ever the type of music you enjoy: jazz, folk, blues, opera – just go hear it live. Even better, if you play an instrument or sing – take the time & do that. I believe that there is something in the vibration of live music and live singing that lifts the spirit. Really more precisely I believe it to be the channeling of the Divine Spirit and it elevates us.

I have the privilege of working with singers and musicians of different types in my line of work. This is one of the blessings of my job- I get to hear live music a lot. It brings so much hope & inspiration to me. I even love opera. You have to hear it live to truly appreciate it, honest.

My first opera was Faust which I worked on the costumes. Being involved in the whole process: rehearsals, designer run-throughs, dress rehearsals and standing backstage watching the performances were an amazing experience. It gave me a comprehensive understanding of the discipline.

In the finale of Faust, the chorus sang off stage like a choir of angels. I was standing near them and the vibration of their voices was unbelievable. I almost levitated… or cried I was so moved.

Another stand out moment for me was working at the Santa Barbara Bowl on a Labor Day a few years ago. I got called in to do wardrobe for Earth Wind & Fire. Okay one of my ALL time favorite bands: Earth Wind & Fire. I couldn’t believe it. Basically once I was done ironing clothes which I finished them in 45 minutes, I got to sit backstage and watch the entire show.

I sang all the songs. I danced. It was so much fun I could barely stand it. At the end of their set the crowd jumped up and applauded. Standing Ovation. The energy from the audience was so intense that it was intoxicating. Live music, I’m telling you, nuttin’ like it.

Now to smaller music, folk music, acoustic music… but no less inspirational and moving! Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work with a group of young musicians on a project at the Rubicon Theater called ”Lonesome Traveler”. They sang music composed by old time folkies. Those old timeless tunes were wonderful. But it gets better, several of the musicians write & perform their own music. The Rubicon had a couple of nights at Zoey’s where they got to sing some of their own music.

Tonight two of these talented musicians will be playing at Zoey’s again, one of the best places for live music in Ventura. B. Willing & Justine Bennett will be playing together.
So today Bluebird #5 has landed at Zoey’s where live music inspires and B. Willing & Justine will lift our hearts and our spirits with their beautiful voices.

(And if you can't make it tonight, play your favorite tunes and sing! )

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