Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bluebird #29

For two years I have watched the transformation of this rundown property on Thompson Blvd. It was City Center Motel. Now it is transitional living for homeless people.

The project was taken on by several churches of different faiths (I say different faiths even though they are all Christian based… ). They cleaned, painted and remodeled. I love the idea that these many churches pooled their resources and were able to coordinate with each other and get this facility up and running: people coming together for a common cause- to help someone else in dire need.

When I drove by today they replaced the chain link fence with a brand new stucco wall with wrought iron. That is what caught my eye. Then I saw the children playing inside the yard. I also noticed that they put in a jungle-gym in the back too. The whole place looks so much better than it did. I could feel the radiant hope.

Bluebird #29 landed on the new stucco wall outside of The Kingdom Center.

See their website:

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