Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bluebird #6

Today was a bit challenging for me. There was a list of items on my To-Do List looming in my head that needed to be addressed. The kind of things you wish would go away… your bill was late now there’s an extra fee… insufficient funds notices to clear up… so sorry you didn’t get the job we hired someone else… Yay! Life is in session!

Where’s the hope!? Where did I put that darn hope? I could have sworn I put it right next to my keys… is it in my purse? Maybe I left it in the car. Oh! There it is hiding under a bushel of fear!

That fear can sneak in quick without you even knowing it. It’s outside in the driveway doing push-ups just waiting to wrestle me to the ground. Some people say fear stands for: False Evidence Appearing Real. I think that is true. I get myself all wound up over things that are not as big as I think they are or are not even happening.

The late bill… was their mistake. I paid it on time. The insufficient funds were because I linked the on-line Bill Pay to the wrong account. They refunded one of the two fees. The job - I didn’t get it but the right one will come along. And right now right now everything is okay. December rent paid. My health is good. There’s food in the fridge. I’m going to meet up with my knitting club tonight with one of my sunshiney friends and Noodle is curled up on the ottoman next to me! Yay! Life is in session!

There is another saying: You can’t give away something that you haven’t got. So I decided to put Bluebird #6 on top of my roof to remind me that Hope lives here with me all the time.

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