Friday, December 2, 2011

Bluebird #2

Day Two in the guerrilla art world. Deciding where to put these little birdies is an interesting process. More interesting is what to say about it.

Where does Hope live today? It’s hard to be hopeful day in day out, things are happening all the time. Doing this project is helping me stay in hope. It’s helping me to see the positive in people, places & things. It is getting me to sustain a hopeful outlook.

I am grateful I have good health and don’t have to deal with chronic pain or some ailment. There are people in my live who do have to deal with such things. Most of the time they have a good attitude and I forget that they are dealing with physical issues. Other times the discomfort wears on them and I wonder what the hell?! Then I remember how hard it must be to keep motivated & positive.

I know three people in the hospital right now for different reasons but they are laid up none the less. So today I placed Bluebird #2 outside the Emergency Room at Community Memorial Hospital. Seeing a bluebird just before entering the hospital could give a feeling of hope to someone in crisis.


  1. Thank you Stacie. This bluebird symbolizes all of the family and friends who we have visited through these doors. Your project is truly inspired.

  2. A lovely, creative, and inspiring project, dear Stacie! Wish we had one of those bluebirds at our doorstep!
    Love and hugs,
    Aunt Jacquie/Uncle Ranjit

  3. Yes, it is a wonderful idea and it gives me courage to continue my own calling.