Friday, December 23, 2011

Bluebird #19, 20, & 21

There are some of us walking this planet that have to create. We have to draw, paint, sculpt, sing, dance, make music, write. It is in our DNA. It’s something we must do or our spirits shrivel. I have also read in different spiritual books that self expression is an essential part of living and without it we will not find true happiness and wholeness.

I think this creative spark is in all of us but some ignore it or push it down or neglect it. Maybe they believe the judgments set upon them by others. They think that they can’t do any of it well and judge themselves. They don’t value it because they can’t make a living from it. Whatever the reason… they don’t believe in their creative self.

But the bluebird is here to tell you “Don’t give up on that creative spark!” It is part of your wholeness. Sing often and sing loud!! Get out those paints! Pastels! The camera! The guitar! The sewing machine! Turn up the music and dance with abandon! Who cares if anyone is looking! Maybe they’ll join you.

These 4 bluebirds flew out to places where creative self expression is nurtured and valued. Vita Art Center is located in Bell Arts Factory (a building that houses a group of art studios) on Ventura Ave & Harrison. The art center employs many local artists to teach their disciplines to anyone who wants to learn. Students of all ages come through here and there are art exhibits and performances coordinated with some of the classes.

Stoneworks is just down the street on the corner of Park Row & Ventura Ave. Two of my friends live and work here. They dedicate their live to bringing the arts into our community. They teach stone carving to anyone who is interested as well as being working artists. They also promote local artists through events like First Fridays, exhibits and art fairs.

Art City is just off Ventura Ave on Dubbers. This property is tucked up against Hwy 33 and is a place that has been around a long time. This is a magical place that I recommend exploring any time you get the chance. Art City is made up of a group of some old time stone carvers. There are gigantic pieces of stones of all kinds around the property which is an outdoor studio. You could see pieces started and half done. There are also many finished pieces to see. These people are dedicated to their creative spirits.

These are places where hope lives… where hope is created and multiples. This is where you can expect something good to happen.

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  1. Yes, we have to or we shrivel and our spirits die. Even if I never get published... I keep at it. My muse won't let me rest otherwise. Bonnie and I do look forward to your Blue Birds of Hope.
    Merry Christmas and one of the Best New Years.