Monday, December 19, 2011

Bluebird #17

There are places around town where people gather for one reason or another. They come together for a fellowship of hope. A lot of times the places are churches or temples and sometimes the people that meet there are not of that particular faith. This is not a religious posting today (and it would be wise not to expect one from me even though it is December, just sayin’).

Every Saturday I go to this place to meet my friends for an hour. I know of several 12 step meetings held at this location. This place has a banquet hall that is used often by their own parish. There is a school on the premises. I also know that this place has emergency funds for people in need and they are one of Food Shares Pantry Partners too. There is a lot of hope being generated in this location… and shared.

Bluebird #17 Landed at the Presbyterian Church on the corner where Poli & Lincoln meet.

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