Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bluebird #3

When I woke up this morning I wasn’t feeling hopeful. I knew the day would come that I wouldn’t be feelin’ it and I would have to work through it. Thankfully I had a full day so I couldn’t pull the covers over my head.

My regular work has gone dormant during the month of December. All the theater companies I work for aren’t doing anything this month. So I have been looking… and looking. I knew December was going to be like this so I have been doing my due diligence for awhile. For the last couple of weeks I spread my search a bit wider and haven’t found anything yet. Thus the reason my hope was waning today.

It’s okay. I know it will be okay. Everything always seems to work out for the best. I have been here before. I do have a little income coming in from pet-sitting and odd jobs. This doesn’t mean I sit on my doorstep and wait to win the lottery (I think you have to buy a ticket to win... just sayin'). I have to get into action. Not to be confused with making things happen or forcing things to happen.

Getting into action means I actively look around and pay attention to the landscape around me and follow my intuition. Do the next indicated action. It gets the Universe lubed. It lets the Universe know I am ready. I am ready for the endless possibilities that could come my way.

So I have been of service to others around me. (That is keeping me busy I’ll tell you!) And this guerrilla project has been keeping me busy too. Where will I put the next bluebird? I let intuition guide me.

Today I placed Bluebird #3 in the community garden on the corner of Chestnut & Poli Street. This corner has been an empty lot since I moved to Ventura 7 years ago until recently. I drive past this corner several times a day and I have watched the once empty corner get tilled, raised beds built, fertilized & planted. Now there is a beautiful vegetable garden. (The funny thing is that the cement peace sign was just laying there in the garden. It made the perfect pedestal for the bluebird.)

It’s exactly what we do with our lives. They can be beautiful gardens of friends, family & activity if we plant the seeds and take care of the plants. My job search is not for nothing. For every action I take: email, conversation, person I help, bluebird I place, moves me forward. This project is helping me as much as it is helping others.

Now it’s coming to the end of the day and I have hope again. The possibilities are endless.

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  1. Do you think your Blue birds might want to visit Goleta? Your birds are a gift that light up the area they go to...A gift that keeps giving that's what it's all about!